Wednesday, July 28, 2010


So I've been following other vegan bloggers around the U.S. pretty much since becoming vegan. And through this I found out that Chipotle is offering vegan Gardein "chicken" in some of its locations. It started in NYC, which makes sense. Then moved to LA, also a smart choice. Both of these locations have huge vegan populations and are very open to the idea of eating less meat in general. So I'm thinking YES, Seattle HAS to be next, where else would they go? Apparently Denver... yea makes sense? NOT. Come one Chipotle we need this in Seattle! It would be HUGE, I promise!

I took to emailing Chipotle regarding this issue... no response. So I commented on their facebook page and all they could tell me was that there were no plans as of yet to release it here. SO not fair. I guess I'll have to hunt down a Chipotle on my trip to New York in September to try this goodness!

Took this picture from here.

Come on Chipotle! We need this!!!